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Art Durinski

the Durinski Design Group 310-440-3896

Movies and Projects that Art has worked on include: "Looker'" "Tron," "Explorers," "The Last Starfighter," "The Flight of the Navigator," and the Walt Disney Stereoscopic Movie

"Magic Journeys," the CBS "Campaign Graphics," the Sony Corporation's "It's a Sony"

Corporate Logo, "World Expo" promotional television commercials, and commercials for Japan Railroad's new "Linear Motor Car," plus numerous other commercials and broad-

cast graphics for international clients. He and his work have won countless awards, including five "Clio" nominations. Art worked as the Creative Director for S.A.I.C.'s

("Scientific Applications International Corporation") location-based entertainment project

named "Virtual Indy Race Simulator." In the area of feature films, Art was the "Supervisor of Visual Effects" for the Sony Pictures feature film entitled "Brainscan," directed by John Flynn and produced by Michel Roy. Art was also the "Digital Effects Supervisor" for the

New LIne Cinema feature film entitled "Blink," directed by Michael Apted and produced by

David Blocker, and the "Effects Supervisor" for the HBO film entitled "Tyson." And in the International film marketplace, Art was the "Visual Effects Supervisor" for the Japanese feature film entitled "Nemuru Otoko," directed by Kohei Oguri. "Nemuru Otoko" won the "Grand Jury Award" at the Montreal Film Festival. Art has also directed a seven minute interactive, stereoscopic "Sega Enterprises" motion (ride) film caled "Aqua Nova."

For this projecrt Art also had to assemble and manage the creative team.



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